Price Guide

We have a simple pricing model. Websites are $25 per month, with no setup fees, no design fees, no hosting fees, and no domain name fees. To get started, you pay for the first four months up front, then you can setup billing to be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

We get your website up and running, then turn it over to you to maintain and add your additional content. If you can fill in the blanks, you can maintain your own website. If for some reason you need us to maintain the website for you, we charge an additional $25 / per hour to add content for you. We do not charge for updates or fixes.

You can get an email address for your kennel, like your_name@your_kennel.domain. Email addresses are an extra $10 per month per email address. You will be limited to web mail access and 2 GB of storage.

To help supercharge your new website and promote your kennel, we include a FREE Gundog Central Kennel Account that allows you to advertise your dogs on Gundog Central.

We also offer discounts on Gundog Central banner ad packages, these banner ads help drive traffic to your new site. Banner ads come in two sizes, the Double Barrel Banner (full size) is $40 per month, and the Single Barrel Banner (half size) is $20 per month. These banner ads can have up to a million impression each month. Price is only available with a yearly commitment and an active NetKennel subscription. This is over 75% off the Gundog Central advertised pricing.

* Note: Website fees are $25 per month. No hosting fees, design fees or domain fees.
Labor / Maintance
* Note: Once your website is built, it's setup so you can maintain it. If you don't have time, we will add content to your website for $25 per hour.
* Note: Need an email address for your kennel, you can set one up for you. Get an email that instills confidence in your buyers, with something like your_name@your_kennel.domain. Emails address are an extra $10 per month with 2 Gigabyte mailbox limit.
Double Barrel Banner
* Note: Save huge on a large banner ad displayed Gundog Central. This will to help drive traffic to your new website.
Single Barrel Banner
* Note: Save huge on this half height banner ad on Gundog Central. This banner will help drive traffic to your website.


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